President’s Page

Welcome to WOW! If you’re curious about kites and/or kiting, you’ve come to the right place! Filling the sky with color and motion, acting as ambassadors of kiting, and having fun are what we’re about!

One of the great things about WOW is our diversity. We have kite enthusiasts of all ages, and all talent and skill levels. Our membership can boast experience in all areas of kiting; miniatures to giant show kites, single line to quad line sport kites, and all with engineering, artistry, and craftsmanship throughout. We have award winning sport kiters (both dual line and quad line), and we have master kite makers, including a national grand champion! You’ll find WOW flying practically year round at impromptu flies, small festivals, and large festivals…even indoors! We have kite making and repair workshops, and we’re perpetually trying to introduce new fliers to the world of kiting.

WOW is not just a collection of casual kite fliers. We have members with significant experience in every area and aspect of kiting. If you find yourself with a question or in need of assistance in any area of your kiting experience, WOW can help. Don’t be afraid to ask! We’d be happy to show you how or help you out, and even happier to have you join us!

We have a regular First Sunday Fly on the first Sunday of every month on the west side of the Washington Monument. Come on down and see us!

Thanks for stopping by our website and for your interest in WOW (and kiting!). Hope to see you in the sky!