Favorite Links

The links on this page are provided for informational purposes only. WOW does not seek herein to promote, favor, or recommend any manufacturer, retailer, web page, or organization over another. This collection of links is certainly not all-inclusive.

Organization Links
AKA The American Kiteflyers Association (AKA) Official Web Site
Drachen Foundation The Drachen Foundation is a non-profit educational corporation, established in 1995 and devoted to the increase and dissemination of knowledge about kites worldwide. It takes its name from the German “Drachen,” which means “kite” or “dragon.”
National Kite Month A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of kiting helps plan kite festivals each spring.
One Sky One World A non-profit organization, based in Denver. One Sky One World kite festivals are held annually around the world to promote protection of the planet, peace, friendship and understanding between all people.
Kite History Organization Kite History from 400 BC to the present. This site displays the results of research with national and international companies, museums, kite festivals, clubs and aerial photography enthusiasts. French and English.
Club Members’ and Friends’ Links
Kitecast.com Kitekast.com is a podcast for the kiting community with information on upcoming events, history, and interviews with some of the best kite fliers in the US. Founded and hosted by Andy Burchfield.
Kiting-Related Science
Beginners Guide To Kites (NASA) Kite science and general kite information.
Wind Wikipedia page; encyclopedic information about wind.
Land Breezes and Sea Breezes Wikipedia page; encyclopedic information about sea breezes (onshore breezes) vs. land breezes. Enlightening information about why the winds are so good for kiting at beaches.
The Kite Loft One of our “Local” Kite Stores
Flying Smiles Kites Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, in Corolla, right across from the Currituck Beach Lighthouse (about 1.5 miles before the end of Rt 12); selling kites, board games, puzzles, sporting goods, beach gear, and toys.
Kitty Hawk Kites Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head North Carolina –  Shop Online!
The Kite Shoppe Vancouver, WA. Stocks a large selection of beginner, intermediate, competition level, and specialty sport kites and accessories; provider of world class line sets and a wide range of framing parts to support kite building and repair.
Sky Jewels Kites Fairfax, VA
Into The Wind Complete online kite store makes it easy to shop from hundreds of kites. 
Coastal Kites Coastal Kites offers a huge selection of kites for everyone.
A Wind Of Change Specializing in professional kites including power kites, stunt kites, single line kites, kite surfing, wind socks, parts and service.
Windpower Sports Online kite store featuring stunt and power kites, landsailers, kite buggies, mountainboards and more with a large selection of parts and accessories.
Blowin’ In The Wind Basic easy to fly kites for kids and adults, beginner stunt kites, high performance sport kites, large show kites, power kites, and kite boarding.
Revolution Kites Makers of the original quad-line sport kite and Speed Series Spars. Site includes advanced flying tips and dealer information.
Premier Kites Long standing producer of classic kites, sport kites, traction and kite surfing foils plus garden windsocks, banners and spinners.
Skydog Kites Over 100 years of specialty kite experience focused on creating the world’s best flying, highest quality, affordable kites and wind decor.
New Tech Kites Designer, manufacturer and wholesaler of traditional kites, sport kites, windsocks, garden spinners, and kiting accessories.
Guildworks State of the art performance kites, able to fly zero wind unlike any others.
Jackite Makers Bird Kites, including the Olympic Dove of Peace
Invento HQ Kites and Windspirations.
Prism Kites Manufacturer of high performance sport kites. Site includes photo and movie galleries, pilot instruction, dealer search, factory tour and support forum.
Gomberg Kite Productions International Giant kites, parafoils, flowforms, line art, windsocks, Peter Lynn, Windfeather banners. *Also a retailer.
Avia Sport Composites Specialist manufacturer of lightweight carbon fiber rods, fiberglass tubes, and connectors for hobbyist and industrial kite making.
Focus Kite Designs Focus Kite Designs. Designers and builders of the Skate, Manta, and many other respected high-performance kites.
Kite Making Supplies/Resources
Hang-em High Fabrics One of our favorite suppliers of kite building materials.
Kitebuilder.com Another great supplier of kite building materials and good friend of ours.
Goodwinds Kites Another great supplier of kite building materials and good friend of ours.
Andy Wardley Kite Flying and Design Kite flier, designer and movie maker. Known for freestyle and trick flying.
General Kite Hints and Tips General kite flying and kite making hints and tips.
Kite Sewing 101 Kite Sewing 101 by Gary Engvall
Sewing Machine Adjustment and Sewing Tips Nosediver’s Stunt Kite Forum – Online workshop build blog (adjustment and sewing)
Links to general Kiting & related information
Peters Kite Site Peter Peters Great Site. Plans, Tips Tricks, Links and more
KiteLife KiteLife, the Internet Magazine for Kiteflyers
rec.kites The rec.kites (usenet) news group
Gone With The Wind Kite Forum Kite enthusiasts message forums, and home of our very own Wings Over Washington forum.
Virtual Kite Zoo Here, you will find almost every imaginable type of kite (and a few more), with pictures, plans, descriptions, history and anecdotes – a FAQ in itself.
Bethesda Presbyterian Church The wonderful church that hosts our Holiday party among many other events.
Bay Area CommunityChurch The friendly church that hosts our indoor flies.
Other Clubs and Good Friends
Some of our members and close friends have Web Sites of their own. Be sure to drop by and see what they’ve been up to.
Maryland Kite Society (MKS)        Our good friends in Maryland
Richmond Air Force (RAF)            Our “Sister” club in Richmond, VA
South Jersey Kite Flyers (SJKF)
Pocono Kite Symphony (Comprises the now-defunct Lehigh Valley Kite Society)
Lehigh Valley Kite Society (LVKS)
Keystone Kiters
Kites Over New England (KONE)
New York Kite Enthusiasts (NYKE)
Eastern League Sport Kite Association
Larger Than Life Kites
Midnight Squadron
Wings Across Carolina Kiting and Okra Society (WACKOS)
International Clubs and Organizations
The Australian Kite Association
The Australian Kitesurfing Association
The Japan Kite Association
STACK (Sport Team And Competitive Kiting) International
British Columbia Kitefliers Association
Singapore Kite Association
British Kite Flying Association
British Power Kitesports Association
British Kite Surfing Association
Scottish Power Kite Association
North American Fighter Kite Association
New Zealand Kitefliers Association
Professional Kiteboard Riders Association
Sport Kite Association of Thailand
All Japan Sport Kite Association
Kite Society of Great Britain