WOW Apparel

If you are interested in ordering items from Cabela’s featuring the WOW logo, the account has been established. The logo is embroidered (not screen printed). There are just a few items that Cabela’s offers that cannot be embroidered, and the customer service representative will let you know if you have chosen one of them when you call. We have two sizes of logos, a smaller one for use on hats, the front of a shirt, etc., and a larger one for placement on the back of an item like a jacket, vest, sweatshirt, etc.

The staff at Cabela’s is VERY IMPRESSED with our logo; they think it is really nice looking. Cabela’s has produced a high quality embroidered logo for us; it is very tight and very smooth.

The minimum order is one item. Each order will be paid for by the person placing the order; you may not charge your items to a central account because one does not exist. It’s a pay-as-you-go system.

Once you have selected your item(s) from the Cabela’s catalog (, you will contact the Customization Department to place (and pay for) your order; do not use the regular Cabela’s telephone number. The telephone number for the Customization Department is 877-892-4424; their email address is

They will ask for the WOW customer number which is 40170229.
You will need to decide which size logo you want on each item that you order:
*the smaller logo is 1.77” x 3.5”. The ID # for this logo is 30014468. The embroidery cost per item for the smaller logo is $5.00.
*the larger logo is 4.96” x 10”. The ID # for this logo is 30014470. The embroidery cost per item for the larger logo is $12.50.

WOW Banners

Are you a hardcore WOWster? If you’re interested in your own WOW Kite Club banner, there are four designs available from Windfeathers™/Get In The Wind. Pick the one you like and decide if you want printed or appliquéd, then order through Gomberg Kite Productions International (GKPI)! Click on the thumbnail below for a full size picture with prices for the appliqué versions. Printed banners at last quote (May 2009) were $385.00, although if purchasing several or more a discount price may be available.