WOW Subject Matter Experts

If you would like to inquire of a subject matter expert, contact one of the club officers and we’ll put you in touch; or contact the SME directly, as you are able.
Quad Line Kites
Paul LaMasters, Jim Cosca, Dave Ashworth, Paul Dugard
 Dual Line Kites Richard Mervine, Jim Cosca
 Single Line Kites WOW has many SME’s in this area. Inquire of the officers.
Show Kites Dennis Hawley
Fighter Kites Tom Humphrey
Kite Making Harold Ames, Mike Mosman, Dave Ashworth, Paul Dugard
Traction Kites
Rokkaku Battle Harold Ames, Jim Cosca
Miniature Kites Harold Ames
Indoor Quad Line Kites Paul LaMasters, Dave Ashworth, Jeff King
Indoor Dual Line Kites Mike Mosman
Indoor Single Line Kites Jeff King, Paul Dugard
Indoor Fighter Kites Tom Humphrey
KAP (Kite Aerial Photography)